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We use computers every day...

Computers in our Phones

Rotary PhoneRemember the old rotary dial phones? This was back when the average family had just one phone in the house. But now, the average is 2.5 cell phones per family. Now think about this, how many cell phones do you know of that are considered "Smart Phones"? Basic cell phones now will receive text messages, but smart phones are computers with internet and email in one handheld device.

 Computers in our Homes

ComputerHow many computers do you have in your home? One survey said there were over 2.5 computers in the average home now, I know every member of my family has their own computer. Is it difficult to keep up with all those computers, and keep them running like they should? Do your kids come to you and say "My computer is not working right, can you fix it"?

 Computers At Christmas

Christmas TimeWithin the past 6 years I have found a new form of technology that has been very interesting to work with, lighting animation is a new form of entertainment that has a lot of potential. Almost as much fun as getting a computer for Christmas, is being able to see what they can do. Imagine at Christmas time, a yard full of lights, not lights just sitting there, waiting for you to think of the possibilities, lights that express themselves to the music accompanying them. Imagine icicle lights, Christmas trees, and candy canes following the music you are listening to, that is what you call a light animated show. You can see more on this concept and my work from the Lighting Animation section of my site.




Mission Statement:

Our mission is simple, to close the gap between quality technology services and the bottom financial line, by offering small businesses and individuals affordable solutions to common computer and networking challenges. We also offer simple website designing and hosting to offer your customers a way to see what you have to offer and how to contact and find you. We also offer mobile DJ service to make your office party, wedding reception, or your kids sweet 16th birthday party a great success. We can also do media conversions so you can have DVD copies of those old family videos on VHS, or 8mm tapes.

So What do we offer?


Computer & Network Support
Computer Synchronized Lights w/Light-O-Rama
Custom & Speciality Event Lighting Designs


Mobile DJ Service
Weddings, Proms, Birthday Parties, Any Event


Website Design and Hosting